Serious Strategies To Inspire And Motivate Your Team Or Staff

Does your team need a boost or a jolt of inspiration? Instead of chiding staff for not meeting your expectations, consider ways to help these valued employees out of their slump.

Some serious strategies to re-inspire and re-motivate your team are:

  1. Invest in professional assessment. There are tools and tests that can measure your team's productivity and identify areas that need work. This is a constructive way to motivate and can give insights into your team's strengths and deficits.
  2. Hire a speaker. Hire a professional motivational speaker. This will recharge the whole team's batteries!
  3. Offer an incentive. Consider giving individuals a reward for meeting sales goals or making deadlines. Don't encourage competition among your staff, but rather promote improvement for their own personal performance.
  4. Give an award. Start a weekly, monthly, or annual award ceremony where you recognize exemplary performances of your team. Treat the team to a fine meal and night out to make it more special.
  5. Consider raises. Are you paying your staff proportionately? Maybe they are feeling under-valued. Make sure to consider raises annually and to have periodic performance reviews to acknowledge individual work performance.
  6. Plan a retreat. Delegate a team to plan a work-related retreat. Plan on team-building exercises, a beautiful venue, and a day out of the office to reinvigorate your staff.
  7. Build solidarity. Assign group tasks to build solidarity among your staff. Another way to help encourage a team atmosphere is to give out some customized business apparel, like sweatshirts with your company logo.
  8. Plan something charitable. Gather your staff to spend a day working at an area food pantry or a local shelter. Working together to help a common cause can be very inspiring.
  9. Refurbish or rearrange the workspace. Sometimes a day of moving office furnishings around can be re-inspiring and give staff a new excitement about work. Let everyone participate, and pay attention to input to make team members feel valued.
  10. Sponsor a team. Most communities have team-sponsored games or activities, such as softball or bowling leagues. Sponsor a team or participate in such an activity.
  11. Attend a trade show. Put together a display for an area trade show. Ask staff for volunteers to tend your booth and to plan your demonstration. This might be the perfect break from the workday doldrums for many!

Try these tips to get your staff excited and re-inspired about work. Make each and every team member feel valued, and remember that an investment in your staff is a worthwhile expenditure. Talk with area agents about booking motivational speaker engagements or events, and ask local planners to assist in pulling off retreats or other work-related affairs. For additional advice, contact companies like MDR Coaching & Consulting, INC.