How To Turn Your Temp Job Into A Permanent Career

If you've finally landed a job with a temp agency that you love, you're probably hoping the company will want to hire you on full time. Some companies use employment agencies as a way to headhunt until they find the perfect candidate to take on as a full-time employee. If you've finally found an employer that you really want to stay with, here are some tips to ensure that you can convert that temp job into a full blown career.

Know The Industry

Get to know more about the industry you're working in, and learn about what makes this company special. Hone in on the skills you already know in ways that can help the company profit and grow for their particular business niche. Show an eagerness and willingness to learn more about all of the facets of the company, as this can make your employer feel as if you're not just there for a paycheck, but you're also genuinely interested in what the company does. If you prove that you want to see the company grow, they'll be more apt to hire you on.

Adapt To The Culture

Every company has its own culture with its own individual set of values and brand of employees. There should be a mission statement for the company as well as benefit packages and employee handbooks. Get to know the company's culture so you can better understand how they operate and what they expect from their employees. This will also help you to adapt when it comes to relating to your coworkers and create a synergistic environment that you fit into well.

Be Flexible

If your temporary boss asks you to stay late, you should do so with a smile. Showing flexibility and a real eagerness to help, even if you're not a full-time, permanent employee yet will show the boss you're interested in being there. Go out of your way to offer a helping hand and be willing to do whatever is asked of you. This extra effort will impress your boss and they'll certainly think about that when it comes to making a hiring decision.

Talk To Your Employment Agency

Make sure you let the employment agency know how much you're enjoying your job assignment. Ask them if or when the position would be open for a full-time, permanent hire, and see if they can talk to the boss for you. Do not talk directly to the employer about your desire to be taken on permanently, since technically you're still an employee of the agency at this point. By telling your agency representative about your intent and your goals, they can serve as the middle man and help you get hired on as an official employee.